This the third installment of the hit web series Project Zoolander. The show was created by Hai Giang. The producers for the third season were Hai Giang, Megan Sajbel, and new producer and past contestant, season two's, Katherine Foote. The prizes are a portfolio of all their work on the show and a campaign with Twisted Wardrobe Designs. Megan Sajbel returned with judges Dontalle Sylvester, Andrew Perez, and season 2 winner Sienna Burnett.


In order of eliminationEdit

(ages stated are at the time of the contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Ranking
Maya Landau 18 Conifer, Colorado 10th(Quit)
Emily Qualey 19 Las Vegas, Nevada 9th
Kymberlee Meyers 18 Eugene, Oregon 8th
Erin Huffman 20 Lees Summitt, Missouri 7th
Eli Guerra 20 Odessa, Texas 6th
Molly Evensen 20 Littleton, Colorado 5th
Devin Whitten 19 League City, Texas 4th
Amber Rea 19 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3rd
Victoria Staiano 20 Greeley, Colorado Runner-Up
Kristin McKusick 19 Las Vegas, Nevada Winner

Call-out order Edit

Megan's Callout Order
Order Episodes
1 KristinAmberDevinMollyVictoriaVictoriaVictoriaKristinKristin
2 EliDevinMollyDevinKristinDevinAmberVictoriaVictoria
3 ErinMollyAmberKristinDevinKristinKristinAmber
4 KymberleeKristinEliVictoriaAmberAmberDevin
5 DevinKymberleeVictoriaAmberMollyMolly
6 AmberEliErinEliEli
7 VictoriaVictoriaKristinErin
8 Molly Erin Kymberlee
9 Maya Emily
  • Gold means the contestant won the challenge.
  • Yellow means the contestant was runner-up of the challenge and also won a prize.
  • Brown means the contestant quit the competition.
  • Pink mean the contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom 2.
  • Violet means the contestant was eliminated.
  • Dark Pink means the contestant entered the competition, won a challenge, but was eliminated.
  • Tomato means the contestant was the runner up.
  • Green means the contestant won the competition.

Photo Shoot GuideEdit

Episode 1: Non-Traditional Head Shots

Episode 2: Hip-Hop

Episode 3: Celebrity Look-A-Likes

Episode 4: Zombies

Episode 5: Conflicting Pairs

Episode 6: Horses

Episode 6: Downtown Ft. Collins Shoot

Episode 7: Final 3 Portraits

Episode 7: Untitlted Final 3 Shoot

Episode 8: Twisted Wardrobe Campaign