Season 5 of Project Zoolander saw a brand new cast, something that was last done in Season 2. The show had 8 contestants competiting for the winning title. The winner of this season won a feature with Pretty Powerful Boutique and Camille's Closet. The producers for this season are Hai Giang and Ada Ghali, with TaQuilla Heard as main host. Guest judges this season included Caitlyn Creel (Season's 1 & 4 contestant), Chigga Young, and Quanesha Wilson.


Contestant Age Ranking
Samantha Dean 18 8th
Caroline Ciez  19 7th
Kiandra Ervin 19 6th
Gabby Gordon 17 5th
Khyati Seghal 17 4th
Valentina Garcia 17 3rd
Carly Sheward 19 2nd
Sylonjia Odion 19 1st


Episode 1Edit

  • Challenge Winner: Gabby
  • First Call-Out: Sylonjia
  • Bottom Two: Samantha & Caroline
  • Eliminated: Neither

Episode 2Edit

  • Challenge Winner: Valentina & Carly
  • First Call-Out: Sylonjia
  • Bottom Two: Samantha & Caroline
  • Eliminated: Samantha

Episode 3Edit

  • First Call-Out: Carly
  • Entered Competition: Kiandra
  • Bottom Three: Valentina, Gabby, & Kiandra
  • Eliminated: Kia & Gabby

Episode 4Edit

  • First Call-Out: Carly
  • Bottom Two: Valentina & Khyati
  • Eliminated: Khyati

Episode 5Edit

  • Challenge Winner: Valentina
  • First Call-Out: Carly
  • Bottom Two: Sylonjia & Valentina
  • Eliminated: Valentina

Episode 6 (Finale & Reunion)Edit

Call-out order Edit

TaQuilla's Callout Order
Order Episodes
1 SylonjiaSylonjiaCarlyCarlyCarlySylonjia
2 ValentinaGabbyKhyatiSylonjiaSylonjiaCarly
3 Carly Carly Sylonjia Valentina Valentina
4 KhyatiKhyatiValentinaKhyati
5 Gabby Valentina Gabby
6 CarolineCarolineKiandra
7 Samantha Samantha Caroline
  • Green means the contestant won the competition.
  • Tomato means the contestant was the runner up.
  • Gold means the contestant won a challenge.
  • Cyan means the contestant entered the competition and was eliminated.
  • Purple means the contestant was eliminated for not being present.
  • Orange means the contestant won the challenge but was eliminated.
  • Violet means the contestant was eliminated.